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Egg Donation Process.

The process will take approximately 8 weeks from the time you and the couple decide to work together.

From the time the couple decides to work with you, both parties (Donor and Recipient Couple) will enter into a contract disbursed by NWED to work together (anonymously). From this point forward the couple pays for all expenses related to the "Egg Donation" process for the Donor.

If you are currently taking the pill for birth control you will be asked to stop taking it at this time.

The first step after being chosen by a couple is to meet with the Psychologist for a psychological evaluation. This is to make sure that you are of sound mind and that this is emotionally appropriate for you. Assuming that the Psychologist approves your capability to move forward,
then you will go on to work with a fertility clinic.

The first appointment with the fertility clinic will be for your cycle day three test or your initial monitoring appointment (which consist of a consultation with the physician, a physical, medical screening, blood drawn to check for HIV, Hepatitis as well as for other communicable diseases, a urine sample for drug screening and possible a culture for STD's.

Which ever is first, all three must be completed before you can start on your fertility medication and proceed to the retrieval.

After all the medical screening is complete, the Doctor will walk you through the process and inform you how and when to begin taking the fertility medication.

The fertility drugs are administered by injection that you do yourself in the convenience of your own home 1-2 times a day for approx. 2 weeks(variations of administering fertility medications vary from clinic to clinic). While on fertility medication you may not engage in any physical activity such as exercise and must refrain from sexual activities until first menstrual cycle after retrieval (usually 10-14 days after retrieval).

The final procedure will consist of the retrieval of the eggs. At this time you will fly out to where the Recipient Couple that you are working with is located for approx. 5-9 days (all expenses paid by the Recipient). You will go into the clinic that you are working with daily for monitoring, and they will let you know what day exactly will be your retrieval day. The surgery takes about 30-40 minutes.

Recovery time varies from person to person, but most Donors fly home the next day if they were required to travel for the retrieval. Full recovery takes about 10-14 days or until you get your first menstrual cycle after your retrieval.

Medical procedures may vary from Doctor to Doctor. Any and all questions remaining should be addressed to your assigned Doctor on your first visit.

Donor's are generally compensated $5,000-$10,000 (higher compensations for proven donors) for their participation upon completion of their egg donation, and are paid within 72 hours of their retrieval (6 donations max.). The compensation fee is based on per cycle not per egg retrieved. After each cycle is complete Donors must wait two -three months until they are able to have another retrieval if and when re-selected by a new couple.

Depending on the Couple who chooses to work with you, you may be required to travel (all expenses paid by the Couple) 5-10 days at the end of your cycle and possibly once at the beginning of your cycle.

Successful Donor candidates
should have the following attributes:

  • Between the ages of 21 to 30
  • Have good ovarian reserve as measured by a blood FSH level
  • Have two ovaries
  • Good family health history (Self, Mother, Father,Siblings etc.)
  • Normal BMI (Body Mass Index) click here to calculate
  • No genetic/ hereditary diseases that run in family
  • Have had a PAP smear done within the last year (please attache copy with application)
  • Not suffering from any medical/clinical disorders
    (depression, anxiety, depression etc.)
  • Drug free
  • Nonsmoker
  • No more than 1/16th Native American
  • Not adopted
  • College educated (may be in first year of college)
  • No piercing or tattoos within the last 12 months
  • Willing to travel 5-10 days (all expenses paid)
  • Have a high level of responsibility

    **Donors must also not be on the depo-shot for birth control. If you were taking the depo
    shot you must be off the depo shot and had at least one regular cycle.

** If you are sexually active with a partner (husband, boyfriend etc.) 9 out of 10 clinics will require your partner to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Your partner will have to be willing to be tested.

As specified above, what is required of you as a Donor:

  • Upon being selected, enter into contract
  • Donor must take and pass psychological evaluation
    (paid by Recipient Couple)
  • Donor must undergo blood testing, HIV testing, pap smears, medical screening and drug testing (paid by Recipient Couple)
  • Be able to administer daily hormone medication injections (Donor is taught injection administration by a nurse)
  • Able to travel 5-10 days (paid by Recipient Couple)
  • Undergo frequent morning blood draws
  • Undergo trans vaginal egg retrieval
  • Must have high level of responsibility to meet the time
    requirements of the program
  • Be able to keep NWED updated on your cycle on a weekly basis

The Medical Process:
The medical procedures leading up to the actual aspiration begins with injections of Lupron to suppress your natural menstrual cycle. The Lupron suppression assists in synchronizing your cycle with the Recipient's cycle. Once the doctor has synchronized the cycles, you will begin receiving daily injections of Gonal-f, Fertinex or Follistim to stimulate your ovaries. Ultrasound examinations are then used to evaluate your ovaries' response to the stimulation treatment and blood tests performed to monitor your estradiol level. Your fertility medication dosage will be adjusted based on these daily test results. When your follicles (the part of the ovary that contains the eggs) are sufficiently mature, you will receive a single injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Approximately 36 hours after receiving this injection you will undergo the egg retrieval under mild sedation. You will be able to return home shortly after the procedure, however due to the sedation, you will need a friend to drive you home.

Medication Risks: You may experience bruising, redness, burning, swelling and/or soreness at the injection site. You may also experience some abdominal bloating. Rarely do allergic reactions occur.

Infection: Infections are possible following egg retrieval, but are rare. Antibiotics are prescribed to help prevent infections.

Ovarian Hyper stimulation Syndrome: Occurring in 1-5% of cycles, the chance of OHSS is increased in women with poly cystic ovarian syndrome. In severe cases, hospitalization is required for monitoring, but the condition does not usually last for more than one week.

** When you begin the medication process we take out an insurance policy for all donors to cover them in case complications were to occur.

If you meet the criteria above and would like to be considered in participating in our Donor program please click below and print put an application and fax or send your information to a selected Donor Coordinator from the list below.

Print Out Application - after clicking on application link, it will take a minute to open due to the
large file size. Please attention the application to the name of the Donor Coordinator's ad that you are responding to (see list of donor coordinators below). Thank you, and we look forward to receiving your information.

If you have been a donor before, please also print out the
"Medical Release Form" and fax it back with your

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Tiffany Valentine
Donor Coordinator
(208)895-8072 (Fax)



Kristine Wallace
Donor Coordinator
(208)573-7309 (Cell Phone)
(208)895-8072 fax